Monday, September 28, 2009

Preparing for AIR show

We will be showcasing Theo's extraordinary portraits of women who have defied their time, so much like Theo did.  Coming up at the AIR gallery in January.


  1. I'm just overwhelmed by her body of work.

  2. Today I learned that North Carolina filmmaker Glenda Wharton had
    received the Theo Westenberger Award for Extraordinary Achievement By Women in the Arts and I was reminded when I saw her name that I had been meaning to try to reconnect.

    I had recently been looking at snapshots we took in 1969 - the summer we went to Europe instead of Woodstock. We were in a Sarah Lawrence College summer study program in Paris followed by a Greek island cruise - studying art with Barbara Rose. I recall Theo as dramatic and stylish and never without her camera.

    How sad to learn that I was too late in my nostalgia to experience her now, but how wonderful that you have preserved her visual legacy for all to enjoy. I'm glad to read in the blog that she did eventually connect with her birth mother and family, and that so many people loved her and her quirky original view of the world.